Did Rani Chatterjee get married secretly? share a photo with the groom

Queen Chatterjee, who is called the ‘Queen’ of the Bhojpuri industry, remains very active on social media. She often makes fans aware of her root life through her pictures and videos. A day ago, she had shared pictures of her bridal look, about which the news of her marriage started surfacing. But his Instagram post confirmed these reports. Rani Chatterjee get married

Rani Chatterjee shared a picture. In this, she is standing as a bride with a groom and posing with a smile. The pair of both is looking very cute. Saffron-colored lehenga choli is worn and a pink netted chunni is carried on it. She has also done a lot of heavy jewelry. While the groom is wearing a maroon sherwani

Rani Chatarji Bhojpuri model actress HD image Rani Chatterjee get married

Rani Chatterjee get married
Rani Chatterjee get married

Married Secretly

After seeing this picture, the fans started congratulating him on his marriage. People also accused the queen of marrying secretly. Sharing this picture, he wrote, “The elders say that getting married at the right time gives a good groom.” He further wrote, “Wait for my next post.” But the fans started congratulating him without waiting.

Shortly after this, Rani Chatterjee made another post. In this, she was seen with another groom. With this post, he revealed that his previous picture is a picture taken during the shooting of a film. The name of this Bhojpuri film is ‘Babul Ki Galliyan’. Fans were very happy to see this picture of Rani and commented a laughing emojis on this funny post of her.

Sharing this post, Rani wrote, “That’s why you should get married at the right time, otherwise you will get this later… I hope you will not mind, you will not kill me after seeing this.” How will the lockdown be going on? The streets of Babylon, what did Babylon do to me? Along with this, he also wrote a movie shoot with the hashtag.

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