NFT’s Crypto expert Mike Novogratz doesn’t seem as bullish on the NFTs as the rest of us. Bank of America sees a bright future. Oh, and the NFT market has now surpassed the $ 10 billion mark. Even the ‘slow’ church on NFT sounds like it travels a million miles an hour.

Just one week of fun and games with millions of dollars in JPEG. As the last quarter of the year begins, let’s review all the major actions of the last seven days of the NFTs.

It is an Eleven-Digit (al) market.

Don’t worry, it’s still early. However, according to Messari Crypto, this week we passed the $ 10B market for NFTs. The market leader, as expected, is Ethereum with more than $ 6B in second sales.

However, the Layer 2 blockchains are violently pursued. Solana, Flow, Immutable X, Polygon, and other chains are looking to build more NFT platforms and projects. Many chains are strengthened by the low cost and the fast transaction speed associated with Ethereum. However, the initial advantage of Ethereum delivery is significant at the moment.

Recent Rug Pull In NFTs: Evolved Apes

This is not the project you want to ‘get into.’ The anonymous developer of ‘Evolved Apes,’ who ran Evil Ape, disappeared with the project’s fundraiser, valued at about $ 3M.

Artists participating in the project have reportedly not been paid, and while the project has been verified on OpenSea, it seems that the verification has been removed. The official project website and Twitter seem to have been deleted.

Another negative aspect to rugpull is almost absurd; the creator is likely to make a lot of money over time by seeing the project go on. A friendly reminder to always do your best and not ‘invest’ in NFT for the money you can’t afford to lose.

Bank of America Bullish

Yes, you read that well. The Bank of America has a fair price. The monster released a 140+ page report on crypto this week, which includes optimistic comments about NFTs.

NFTs, according to the report, are “changing the way creators communicate with fans and are compensated.” While the bank sees a lot of potentials, it also warns that “there are a lot of risks in this segment.”

The Most Successful Release of NFT Product Product Currently

Last month, our Bitcoinist team reported on Dolce & Gabbana’s use of NFTs to raise funds.. This past week, there have been reports that a nine-piece digital collection from D&G has now cost about $ 6M.

That prompted D&G to release the most expensive NFT fashion currently released, defeating NFTs in competing companies such as Burberry and Gucci.

Metaverse Consolidation

NFT’s based metaverse Warena, sponsored by Animoca Brands, approved a partnership with Illuvium this week. The move will gain full cross-chain power and asset migration opportunities for users. This is actually a ‘merger’ of two metaverses.

NFTs: Mike Novogratz Say No Thank You?

Mike Novogratz, the CEO of Galaxy Digital and a prominent crypto advocate, suggested that NFT is a little frothy this week. Novogratz spoke during the London Token 2049 Crypto Conference, stating that large numbers of people paying for other NFTs are uncommon “in any form, form or form.”

Additionally, Novogratz said it “seems to me to be the best time to book a profit and then wrap it up and return it to Bitcoin or Ethereum or another token.”

Novogratz had previously described NFT;s as a dynamic force in changing culture after Jay-Z bought CryptoPunk – so there is no reason to believe he is a full-fledged NFT opponent. He described the purchase as a “big, big deal” for NFTs.

Emerging NFTs of the Week: MekaVerse

Our new closing section of the Bitcoinist series ‘NFTs In A Nutshell’ highlights the latest emerging project of the week. As of Thursday, the launch of MekaVerse reportedly generated more than $ 60M in first and second sales.

The current OpenSea floor is almost 7 ETH, and the craziest part? NFT avatars have not yet been released. The decline did not come without a particular drama, of course, as many skeptics came over MekaVerse’s ‘raffle’ release process, and MekaVerse’s designer said on Twitter that compensation was a problem.

Big money has been transferred to NFT’s this week. We’ve seen a lot of different stories come out throughout the week highlighting the huge amount of money spent in space. Indeed, we have found our usual volume of new collaborations and eye-catching NFT news, too.

As always, we open the NFT’s brief every Saturday to give you a little overview of everything that has happened over the past seven days. Let’s get into it:

VeVe is an NFT marketplace with a strong focus on legacy IP. In the early days, VeVe had been using NFT drops via Disney IP, like Marvel.

This week, Disney looks doubled in its collaboration with VeVe. Disney + Day is just a few weeks away, and Disney will be expanding its IP supply with VeVe NFTs. Expect other characters from Star Wars and Pstrong (Play Story, Cars, etc.) before Disney Day.

The move raises an ongoing bullish view from Disney on NFT’s.

About $ 3M Nissan GT-R NFT? This week reports of a $ 2.8M bid for a Nissan GT-R NFT with a list of keys. The stock price of NFTs was estimated at $ 220,000 at an auction led by Nissan Canada. The NFT’s bid-making market, Rubix Network, was unable to verify the transaction, according to Instead, NFT’s was sold at their set price.

Meta, formerly known as Facebook, unveiled a series of new projects related to the company’s renaming this past week.

Misleading CryptoPunk

Just a glance can be deceptive.

The beauty of blockchain is usually the breadth of openness. It is enough to represent the last public letter, but not so much to express your identity.

During the story of Punk # 9998’s remarkable work hours, members of the NFT community were able to determine if it was the same person on both ends of the trade, issuing a loan – which would probably draw some attention. If that was the case, it would be safe to say that it worked.

Behance, Adobe’s largest creative network and social media platform, announced this week the NFT integration of creators using a variety of blockchains.

Additionally, Behance will work with markets such as OpenSea and Rarible to ensure metadata is secure to ensure authenticity. Adobe reportedly incorporates NFT authentication into its PhotoShop product.

‘The Economist’ Downs With the Rabbit Hole of the NFTs

Time Magazine has become one of the most significant legacy books examining NFTs, as well as traditional media companies such as CNN and Playboy. This past week, The Economist joined this week.

The publication raised 99.9 ETH or about $ 420,000 for the charity.

GameStop Focused on NFTs Want a career change? It looks like GameStop is full of smoke ahead of the NFTs. The company has been engaging with crypto mainly this year, and now has a few job lists opened on a job board focused on NFT development.

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