Coin Tracker

Coin Tracker is one of the most reliable crypto tax software and portfolio managers that allows you to interact with other crypto trades to manage your crypto taxes.


  • Track with over 8,000 different currency types
  • Updating and Syncing on High Exchange
  • Add Unlimited Crypto Wallet
  • Useful mobile app


  • Limited Financial Instruments
  • Old Visual Connector Can Close Other Users

Have trouble keeping track of all your cryptocurrency trading? Cryptocurrency is becoming a popular investment option for many people, but it can be challenging to keep all your investment details accurate.

This is where CoinTracker comes in handy. CoinTracker allows you to combine data about all your different currency purchases in one place. It updates its current prices, enables you to track markets, and exchanges easily. Also, it helps you to produce your own tax returns when that time comes.  You will find what they offer to make it easier to use and grow your crypto portfolio so you can take full advantage of your investment opportunities.

About CoinTracker

CoinTracker allows you to connect up to 300 crypto markets and more than 8,000 private accounts in one account. By combining all of your wallets, you can quickly see how your investment is performing in real-time, allowing you to make changes where needed. Coin Tracker

Once you have all your crypto information in one place, you can also create tax reports on your investment. You can import these reports into your tax filing software to manage your taxes without hassle.


There are many features you can find in CoinTracker. Using all of these features together will make your cryptocurrency trading, investments, and reporting more accurate and manageable. Coin Tracker

Connect All Your Wallets

 If you have a lot of different crypto resources, this is a great way to combine all your information so that you can easily report and track it.

Track your Cryptocurrency

Use the more than 300 cryptocurrency markets to see how your trading and investment works. Stay up to date with current values, and see market trends that you can use in real-time. You will be able to make immediate changes based on recent reporting to maximize your benefits.

Tax Reporting

Still, trying to figure out how the Bitcoin tax affects your installation? Quickly and easily compile international tax reports and incorporate that information directly into your tax filing plans.

Prices and Plans

CoinTracker offers four different programs depending on how you plan to use their system. There are Free, Entertainment, Premium, and Unlimited Programs.


The free program is a limited-service that allows you to make up to 25 trades. You can synchronize your wallets with markets, view currency data, perform error syncs, generate tax returns, and access forum support. All this you get for free.

A hobbyist

With Hobbyist, you get everything a free account has, but you increase your trade from 25 to 100. The plan costs $ 59 per year.


Upgrades to Premium can add additional purchases, up to 1,000. You also get access to gene trading, Defi functionality, email support, and tax fund divisions for each wallet. Premium starts at $ 199 per year.


 This program can be customized to your liking. You’ll find everything in previous programs, and then you can add any other features you need. To access Unlimited, you must contact CoinTracker directly, and they will create and sell a pricing device that works best for your needs.

Is CoinTracker Legal and Safe to Use?

CoinTracker is a very secure system. They make great efforts to ensure that you and your information are protected. To achieve this, they built their subscription service to make money with payments and not sell data. These processes ensure that your data stays with you securely. An external company annually evaluates the application to ensure that new updates are secure and can withstand the onslaught of system updates. It is an additional step that helps to prove that CoinTracker is safe to use.

Which Countries does CoinTracker calculate Taxes?

Understanding your crypto tax requirements can be difficult. Once you are ready to calculate your taxes, you can create a full tax report for the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. The program includes taxpayer services and software to help you complete your taxes. The program can also help you with your taxes in all countries, creating reports, and collecting information. You will need to take additional steps in some countries, but the system will still be a useful and important tool for making your taxes.

Is CoinTracker Suitable for Beginners?

The system is easy to use and helps you see all your crypto data in one place to understand, use, and grow your portfolio. Besides being easy to use, CoinTracker offers you many of their free services for up to 25 transactions. That means if you are just starting out, you can use their service with minimal risk to see if it will work for you.

What Tax Reports Can You Make With CoinTracker?

To make completing crypto taxes easier, CoinTracker creates your own tax reports. You can create Form 8949, Schedule D, Form 1040, and Schedule 1. As the IRS updates tax forms on your currency, CoinTracker will add new forms that they can produce. What you should add to these reports is your name, address, and SSN because the service does not collect that information from you.

Who Should Use CoinTracker?

CoinTracker can be customized to suit the needs of almost everyone who trades or invests with cryptocurrency. The free program is great for anyone just playing in the field, and the unlimited program can add features that will help you in everything you do. There are some features you can’t take advantage of with CoinTracker. If you are familiar with the future and future trading, you may need to find a solid tracker.

If you are already active in the cryptocurrency community and need a way to keep track of different wallets, CoinTracker can help you. It can also be useful for anyone trying to get their tax obligations based on cryptocurrency.

Final Decision

In this CoinTracker update, you have seen how easy it is to view and understand your unique cryptocurrency purchases on the platform. Whether you are new to crypto investing or a seasoned professional with experience, CoinTracker can make your knowledge easier. When you are ready to start using all the data available on your crypto investment, create a CoinTracker account today. Coin Tracker

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